SCBIO CEO Update: COVID-19 Series – May

MAY 2020


Business Not as Usual: Finding Our Way to a New Normal  

The SCMEP-SCHA-SCBIO-SC DOC On-Line COVID-19 Supply Portal

Welcomes All SC Businesses to Take Advantage of This Powerful Resource

Wow… We continue to experience an incredibly challenging and surreal year in this country, precipitated by an unseen and devilish enemy that has made hundreds of thousands extremely sick, brutally pushed our healthcare system (and healthcare heroes) to the outer limits, taken the lives of far too many – and has at least temporarily shattered the economy.  Other than 9/11 and the Great Recession, in my 50+ years I have no memory of a time when our society has been so deeply impacted across the board – both collectively and on intensely personal levels.  There is amazing goodwill being demonstrated, and compelling lessons being learned that can make us stronger and better when we get on the other side of this…There is also anxiousness and anger being exhibited as understandable frustrations mount for many.

So where do we go from here, and how do we try to find a new normal – Together

Easier said than done, as this has hit everyone in vastly different ways – some much harder than others – and none of us can effectively walk in each other’s shoes.  Frankly speaking, I can’t imagine how difficult it is for our colleagues trying to grind it out in the food & beverage industry right now (with life savings tied to their businesses in many cases), or the single parent who needs to get back to work but currently might have no child care options… and the list goes on.  I feel some level of guilt that I’ve been able to continue working steadily on a virtual basis – and wish that could be true for everyone, but unfortunately is not remotely the case. 

And as we seek some level of normalization, all of us are now forced to navigate a situation in which we still have a mysterious, wildly contagious, and serious virus in our midst, with encouraging but limited progress on targeted drug therapies, no vaccine in the near term, lack of clarity around antibody testing, and shortages of certain ‘virus war supplies’ needed immediately.  Based on that reality, we can only try to authentically empathize and show patience and consideration for the vast array of opinions regarding what steps should be taken and how soon.  There’s no way we’ll all agree on the best answer or approach, but as Americans, South Carolinians, and human beings first, I’m convinced we can and will do this. 

SCBIO will likewise continue to do everything we can to help our state battle this virus.  We have been honored to work with great collaborators to help launch an online supply chain portal ( to get vital supplies into the hands of our healthcare partners – and we want to make sure that this powerful resource can be utilized by every business in the state that is trying its best to safely reopen.  Please pass the word and share the web address.

Likewise, we will continue to bolster and expand our recently launched SC Life Sciences Job Board to help get as many unemployed folks efficiently introduced to new career opportunities as quickly as possible.  Gratefully, many life science companies in the state are going full-tilt and seeking new employees.  And our Coronvirus web portal clearly lays out recommended guidelines formally provided by our healthcare leaders and elected officials at both the Federal & State levels, along with providing real time updates across the board.

Please hang in there, and try to stay safe as you get on with your lives and careers at a pace that you’re comfortable with… Let’s strive to lead by example and not by opinion – and go the extra mile to be understanding and gentle with one another as we accept the fact that there will be extremely diverse perspectives on how to go about all of this. 

God bless South Carolina, our nation – and all the people on this little blue planet.  This too will pass.  #onward


Sam Konduros


Building the Business of Life SCiences in South Carolina

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