Forbes names MUSC Health one of South Carolina’s best employers

The business publication Forbes has named MUSC Health one of the best employers in South Carolina. David Zaas, M.D., CEO of MUSC Health-Charleston Division, called it an honor. 

“Caring for our people and ensuring we are the best place to give care is a top priority for MUSC Health. The challenges after the COVID pandemic have really highlighted the workforce challenges for every organization and the importance of supporting our teams. We are committed to creating the best work environment to advance our mission of improving the health of South Carolina and beyond,” Zaas said.

To compile the list of Best Employers by State, Forbes worked with the market research firm Statista. Statista surveyed 70,000 people across the country who worked for companies with at least 500 employees. Questions focused not only on traditional issues, such as safe working conditions, fair pay and an inclusive culture, but also on remote work and what businesses are doing to promote further diversity, equity and inclusion.

Tyree Walker, who as interim chief people officer oversees human resources for MUSC Health, said the ranking could have multiple effects. “I think it’s good for morale. It’s good for retention, and it’s good for attracting staff to the organization.”

This is not MUSC Health’s first recognition this year. In May, Forbes included it on its list of Best Employers for New Grads in the health care and social industries. And in July, another publication that posts closely watched annual rankings, U.S. News & World Report, named MUSC Health University Medical Center in Charleston the top hospital in South Carolina.

In both of the Forbes rankings, the publication listed MUSC Health’s total number of employees as 25,000. That includes not only people who work for the clinical wing of the Medical University of South Carolina, MUSC Health, but also the academic side, MUSC. 

That total, substantially bigger than just a few years ago, also reflects the growing reach of MUSC Health. Acquisitions of hospitals across the state in recent years have connected both urban and rural areas to the state’s only comprehensive academic health system – and given students more opportunities to learn in a variety of clinical settings.

Walker said they should all be proud of the hard work and teamwork that have contributed to the success reflected in the latest Forbes ranking. “You wouldn’t get an honor like that if you didn’t have top-notch employees.”

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