101 Top BioPharma Startups & Companies in U.S. Names Elastrin to ranks

BioPharma companies have been making some huge strides over the last year with innovations driven by both established players and startups entering the scene. With an impressive 7.32% CAGR and a value of $325.17 billion in 2020 it is a huge industry ripe for growth.

United States is home to a range of established and new BioPharma companies. With a strong foundation & a maturing regulatory space United States offers a wide range of opportunities for BioPharma companies. This list aims to showcase some of the top BioPharma companies and startups in United States focusing on companies with great track records, innovative products or huge future potential.

Named to the 2022 list of Top Biopharma Start-Ups for the first time is Elastrin Therapeutics of Greenville, South Carolina.  Read the full list here.

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